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Mango Jam



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Mangoes are seasonal but it can be enjoyed throughout the whole by preserving it . But the question is how to preserve it? Well it is very easy.  Convert the mangoes into jam by cooking it with sugar and then keep it into seal containers. You can then cherish it the whole year. Any variety of mangoes can be used to make jam.

Mostly people love mango jam with toast but it can be used in many other ways. It can be served with cheese. You can eat it with crepes by spreading a thin layer into it. You can even bake it into cake and it  can also be eaten it with biscuits.


Making jam is a way to preserve its natural flavour. Chop the mangoes into pieces. Boil it then let it cool. Mash the mango pulp. Then put water and sugar in a saucepan and start boiling it at a very low heat. When it starts boiling increase the heat into medium-high. Afterwards add the mango pulp in the mixture. Continue boiling it until the mixture thickens . Switch off the heat then put the cooked jam into seal containers. Now you can enjoy it with your toast.


Mango Jam helps in maintaining the health of the skin as mango contains vitamins. These vitamins help in boosting immunity.  Mango jam can acts as anti ageing food as mango contains plenty of vitamins supplement with collagen. As mangoes contain iron bars which is good for anemia so mango jam is known as a remedy for anemia. Moreover mango jam helps in lowering  bad cholesterol .