Local farmers and producers rely on Plumber and Pumps for their daily needs to make a living.  Whether you are a dairy farmer or operate a chicken farm, we want to help you ensure your animals have water, especially in emergency situations. We install pipes and fixtures for large agricultural properties.

We can help with everything from well and cistern excavation, trenching, and installation, to water pumps, yearly water bowls, water purification, and everything in between. Our team enters every project with the environment in mind.

Importance of Maintenance

Cleanliness and freshness are important for your livestock’s health and productivity. Animals, like humans, are sensitive about the condition of their drinking water. They will not drink it if the taste or smell does not appeal to them. Potable water must have zero E. coli and zero coliforms per 100 ml. Any of these are indicators of a polluted water source.

We hobby farmers tend to be known as resourceful types, each a veritable “Jack of all trades.” We’re willing to learn a wide variety of skills to further our farming ambitions, whether it’s plowing fields or raising goats or building chicken coops.

Then again, if you take the time to gain some basic knowledge of plumbing. You might be able to handle many small, manageable tasks, which could save you the time and the expense of summoning a professional.

For example, my farm contains a red yard hydrant that gets used multiple times each day.

But the truth is that this particular fix couldn’t be much simpler, as the plumber  was quick to demonstrate. I needed only to disconnect a short brass rod from the handle. Then unscrew the hydrant from the pipe in the ground. Then reattach the short brass rod to the long rod using a new cotter pin, and then screw the whole unit back together. Plumbing simplicity.

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