experts in agriculture

A cross-cultural analysis was taken to compare the knowledge of biotic producers and agricultural experts regarding the concepts of good farming, good farmer in the field of good agriculture experts. We put ideas of good farming, good farmer. The search showed that farmers had idea of the main topics discussed by agricultural experts. But depend in the importance placed on these ideas. Results reveal issues. Between how farmers and experts think about and understand how farmers were to practice  farming.

expert at farm

Furthermore, there is a loss in water supplies, a change in land use, and water pollution. Loss of soil style is one of the elements and challenges that pose a severe threat to agriculture’s long-term survival. These issues have resulted in the creation of rules and  in water management, soil conservation, pest system, and water system. However, whereas long-term plans are now available everywhere. As a result, they have been successful in giving long-term attitudes and complete re-planning.

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