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Pumpkin seedlings (Plantules Giraumon)



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Pumpkin Seedlings (Plantules Giraumon)

Pumpkin is a vegetable and highly nutrient food. It  is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories. Cultivate pumpkin seedlings to get fresh, big and juicy pumpkins in your own garden and/or fields.

Pumpkin takes around 85 to 130 days to grow from seed. One pumpkin plant can produce two to five pumpkins. It grows best when we cultivates the seedling directed into the garden. Pumpkin roots are very sensitive so it is better to plant it   outdoors.

Below are some steps how you can plant and cultivate pumpkin seedlings:
1. Firstly, you will need a spacious spot with soil that drains well and is accessible to sunlight. These 3 elements are very important for your seedlings as it will grow well and the result will be beautiful and juicy pumpkins.

2. Compost and aged manure should be mixed with the soil before planting the seedlings at the specific spots. This will help the plants to grow well.

3. It is very important to plant the seedlings far from each other (at least 3 feet) because this will take a lot of space while growing. When ready, pumpkin also will become quite large.

4. Pumpkin plants are very greedy so we must  water the seedlings regularly . You can also add fertilizers (appropriate amount) of your choice to give the plants the vitamins they need.

5. However, pesticides also are needed to destroy fungus, prevent virus from destroying the plants and killing all the insects.

6. The seedlings may take 100 to 160 days to mature and the pumpkin also will become big enough to pluck and use.

7. Enjoy your hard work and/or by cooking a curry using your fresh pumpkins, by sharing and by selling.

Follow all the steps mentioned above and water your plants regularly, you will be the winner of your own actions and the reward will be fruitful.