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Marigold Plants(Ganda)



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Marigold Plants

Marigold plants are beautiful orange or yellow colour of flower that people cultivated in their garden. The flower  flourishes in summer. They grow best in fertile soil.

Types of Marigold

We have different types of Marigold namely: French Marigolds, Signet Marigolds,  African Marigolds and  Triploid Marigolds.

French Marigolds

French Marigolds grow very well in the summer. After planting the seeds, it starts germinating within one or two weeks. French Marigolds are very popular as they are very easy to grow and care. Since they have a wonderful perfume they can  destroy some animals such as deer. They are also truly very resistant to droughts.

Signet Marigolds

These types of Marigolds are consumables and many people eat them in their salads. Similarly to other Marigolds,they are planted in the sun and most importantly the soil should be moist.

African Marigolds

Another name for this flower is American Marigolds. They are perfect for decoration. Moreover, these plants can grow as tall as three feet.

Triploid Marigold

These plants are very large and are extremely powerful. These Marigolds produce flowers much longer comparatively to other types of Marigolds.

How to plant Marigold flowers?
It is very easy to plant Marigolds. Prepare the soil by digging down and sow the seeds in the soil. Keep them moist and warm. In addition, keep watering them well. If the temperature is warm enough the plants will germinate in a few days and start blooming in around two months.

Why do people grow Marigold?
This plant beautiful which enhance your home and garden. Moreover, these flowers are very easy to grow. Some can survive even if it is neglected. Marigolds produce a sharp smell and in fact a study has published that the essential oil found in the flower acts as a mosquito repellent. In conclusion, Marigolds do not require any insecticide and as a result honeybees are not exposed to harmful pesticides.