Lady Finger Seedlings double (Plantules lalo)



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Lady Finger Seedlings (Plantules Lalo)

Lady Finger seedlings double is at Rs 3.25.


General Information about Lady Finger (Lalo)                              

Lady Finger Seedlings produce an elongated and slim shape vegetables. They are fairly easy to grow and have low maintenance.

Cultivate your seedlings to get fresh and long lady finger in your own garden and/or fields. Below are some steps how you can plant and cultivate lady finger seedlings:

  1. The hotter the better. Lady finger seedlings need spots directly under the sunlight. Warm weather does help the plants to thrive.
  2. A spot under direct sunlight for a time period of about 5 – 6 hours is better because this will help the lady finger plant to produce many vegetables.
  3. Before planting, it very important to mix the soil with aged manure and compost, this will provide the seedlings with nutrients.
  4. It is essential to keep the lady finger plants hydrated. Due do direct sunlight most of the water will be evaporated. Therefore, be generous in terms of watering the plants.
  5. Remove any unwanted plants and/or weeds near the plants. Lady Finger plant need space to mature well.
  6. Do use pesticides to prevent pests from destroying the plants. Fertilizers will help the plants to grow well and produce many vegetables.
  7. Raw lady fingers can be harvested in 40-50 days and the mature ones take 75-100 days to become ready for harvesting.
  8. Enjoy your hard work and/or by cooking a curry using your fresh lady fingers, by sharing and by selling.

Follow all the steps mentioned above and water your plants regularly, you will be the winner of your own actions and the reward will be fruitful.