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Lychee plant



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Buy Lychee plant, Agromoris Mauritius for the best deal. It will grow into a tall tree with plenty of juicy, sweet, and exotic flavoured lychee.

How to Grow Lychee Trees

Lychee trees are best planted at least 30 feet away from your home, other major structures, or other trees in your home landscape. Planting them too close can impact their growth and fruit harvest, particularly if they are shaded. if you are in an area prone to flooding, planting the tree on a mound of soil can help to ensure water runoff. Plant a lychee tree in a full sun location that is protected from wind, because this tree can be susceptible to wind damage. Spring planting, after any frosts have passed is best.

Lychee Tree Care

Lychee Tree needs to be protected against the wind. Proper pruning will also mitigate wind damage. While the trees will tolerate slightly waterlogged soil and light flooding for short periods, continual standing water is a no-no. Give the tree regular watering and fertilize twice a year with an organic fertilizer. Other than minor maintenance, lychee tree care is fairly minimal.


Lychee thrives in full sun, but be aware that the plants need to be acclimated. Young plants that are not used to full sun will suffer from sudden exposure to bright light, but once acclimated, they will definitely perform better.


Lychee does not like alkaline soils, so amending garden soil with pine bark or pine needles may be necessary. If you are trying to grow it as a potted plant, use slightly acidic potting soil.


These plants prefer ample and regular water throughout the year. Lychee does not have a natural winter resting period, so it will not benefit from a suspension of watering as do some other fruit trees.