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Scotts Fairwaymaster Fertiliser is a new range of granular NPK fertilizers with coated Nitrogen, based on Scott’s proven Poly-S technology. Fairwaymaster contains a fast-start portion of Nitrogen for an immediate response even at low soil temperatures. Additionally, Fairwaymaster improves your fairway appearance via its sophisticated nutrient release pattern and superior granule coverage.

Scotts Fairwaymaster fertiliser also contains part of its nitrogen immediately available. Its result is quickly visible even when the ground temperature is low. Thanks to its fine grain size, without dust and its mode of release independent of climatic factors, Fairwaymaster improves the quality of your lawns for a lasting result. Therefore, it is suitable for all mowed areas up to 6mm.


Key features  : 

– Balanced NPK analyses for use throughout the growing season. Thus, suitable for use on close cut fairways
– Uniformity of grass color and growth
– Free-flowing granules will not stick to equipment, balls or shoes
– Lower cutting heights possible with mini-granules

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Advantages of scotts fairywaymaster

1.  Excellent for closer mown fairways
2. Also ideal for preparing the turf for stressful conditions
3. Controlled release nitrogen only released in conditions favorable to turf grass growth, thus helping to pre-stress condition the plant
4. High potassium content strengthens cell walls and also aids water regulation in plant
5. Rapid re-greening
6. Poly-S controlled release mini granules for compliance with the environment
7. Fine and homogeneous coated granulate: 7 times more impact per m²
8. Better distribution during spreading.
9. flexibility without effect ” leopard “
10. High solubility: no gene in the game
11. Fluid, easy to spread: clean, odorless and dust free
12. Excellent value for money per hectare