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All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer is produced from a mixture of chicken litter and sawdust. Also, the preparation process includes a 6 to 8-week composting process, quality controlled, pelletized, and aerated for maximum natural enhancement


Organic products such as Organic Fertilizer are ideal for your landscape, because they feed the soil, creating a sustainable environment. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants. But when you garden organically, you do much more than nourish your plants.

As in nature, an organic soil alive with microbes and fungi releases nutrients slowly to plants. By enriching the soil with organic supplements and encouraging the growth of naturally occurring beneficial organisms, you give your plants the tools they need to access nutrients in the soil and the strength to protect themselves from harmful pathogens and pests. Take the natural approach and amend with soil conditioners, such as earthworm castings, which add organic matter, including humid acid, and desirable microorganisms to your garden soil. This helps make soil-borne nutrients, such as iron, more available to plants.

Gardeners dedicated to organic gardening practices know that it’s best to destroy as few insects as possible, as a large majority of insects are beneficial or benign. But when pest or disease invasions are extensive, they turn to organic pest control products. Such substances tend to break down quickly once applied, which means they have a lower likelihood of harming plants.

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