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Get  eggplant from our online market store for only 16.00 MUR.

These garden-grown vegetables are full of flavor and texture! They are a popular and long-lasting vegetables that can be grown in many climates.

Method of plantation:
  • Stake the plants right away (just an inch or two from the plant) to provide support as they climb and to avoid disturbing the soil later.
  • If you live in a cold climate, consider using row covers to keep the eggplants warm and sheltered. Open the ends of the row covers on warm days so that the bees may pollinate.
  • If transplanting, set 3- to 4-inch tall seedlings 2 to 2½ feet apart in rows that are 3 to 4 feet apart.
  • After planting, water well. Add a layer of mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Store eggplant in the refrigerator. The optimal conditions for storage are temperatures of 45 to 50 °F and 90-percent relative humidity for one week.
  • Do not wash or cut in advance to avoid damaging the skin, which will quickly perish if exposed.
  • To avoid discoloring of eggplant after cutting open for cooking or grilling, use a marinade with salt, vinegar, and/or lemon juice.


  • Do not simply put fresh eggplant in the refrigerator, they’ll go limp in a few hours.

  • At one time, it was fashionable for women to use a black dye to stain their teeth a gun-metal gray. The dye probably came from the same dark purple eggplant we see in the marketplace today.