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Strawberry/Fraise Slices (eu) (per kg)



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Savor the sweetness of our EU-certified Strawberry Slices, conveniently packed in 1*10KG quantities at Rs 51503.70 . These meticulously sliced strawberries offer a burst of flavor and vibrant color, perfect for enhancing desserts, breakfast bowls, and beverages. Elevate your culinary creations with the freshness of summer embodied in every slice.


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Enjoy the summer’s delight with Strawberry Slices (EU), sourced from Europe’s fertile fields. Hand-select these premium slices, bursting with vibrant flavor and natural sweetness, for optimal ripeness and quality, to ensure a consistent and delectable experience with every bite.

Strawberry Slices (EU)  elevate every dish to gourmet status, enhancing salads, desserts, and beverages. Their vibrant color, juicy texture, and sweet and fruity profile become an essential ingredient for chefs and home cooks, providing endless inspiration for inventive and flavorful dishes.

Choose European Strawberry Slices (EU) to bring the essence of European summers to your kitchen, allowing you to create culinary masterpieces that sun-drenched fields and lazy afternoons evoke. Celebrate these strawberries for their superior flavor and texture, grown in nutrient-rich soil and nurtured under the warm sun.


Benefits of Strawberries for Health and Wellness

Weight Management Support

The high fiber and low calorie content of strawberries can assist in managing weight effectively.

Promotion of Healthy Skin

Boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles by incorporating strawberries into your diet for healthy skin.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Antioxidants in strawberries may improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.


Versatile Uses of Strawberry Slices

Snack Time Pleasure

Indulge in the refreshing and healthy delight of strawberry slices enjoyed on their own.

Salad Enhancements

Elevate green salads with the addition of strawberry slices, providing color, sweetness, and flavor contrast.

Dessert Delights

Enhance cakes, pies, tarts, or ice cream with strawberry slices as toppings. Layer them in parfaits or fruit salads.