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The stems of roses are typically heavily armed with prickles of various shapes and sizes, which are sometimes known as thorns. They can be upright, climbing, or trailing bushes.  Although there are variations within each of the categories, there are generally five basic scents: Old or Traditional Rose (also known as Damask), Tea, Myrrh, Fruit, and Musk.

Important aspects in growing roses

-Most roses do best in direct sunlight.
-They require rich, wet soil that drains well.
-Regularly water them to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
-Rose plants have an appetite. Mulch yearly with organic material like well-rotted animal dung, and think about applying a rose feed to encourage summer flowering.
-Roses should be pruned every year to stimulate strong growth, maintain shape, and encourage flowering.
-From November to March, plant roses at their bare root. Roses grown in containers can be planted at any time of the year.

What can you do with roses?

Believe it or not but roses are edible. In fact, all of the varieties are edible and contain help benefits and can be used in cooking. However, it is important that you find ones that have not been sprayed by pesticides or other chemicals.

For example:

  • The petals can be dried for tea. They can be placed in hot water to create tea and you can also use them with other varieties of tea, for example black tea like Ceylon to give it more flavor.
  •  You can make cookies out of them
  • You can make cake
  • People can make ice-cream

And the list goes on.

Health Benefits of Rose

1. The digestive system is strengthened by rose petal tea.
2. Rose tea is a better way to lose weight and stay hydrated.
3. Rose tea can strengthen the immune system and help avoid several ailments when used regularly.
4. Toxins can be removed from the body effectively using rose tea.
5. It works wonders for hair and skin care.
6. Consuming dried rose petals aids in weight loss and the removal of extra body fat. Making rose tea is pretty simple.