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Lychee / litchi / letchis (per Kg)



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Lychee / litchi / letchis (per Kg), is a small tropical fruit with a waxy, thick pink skin and jelly-like flesh. The transparent white flesh of lychee is juicy and has a rich grape-like texture. The taste is light and crunchy like watermelon, sweet and juicy like strawberries. Lychee’s unique flavor has hints of spring flowers, making it a worldwide favorite.


The size of a walnut to a golf ball, the lychee tastes like a crunchy, watery berry, clean and sweet. The skin resembles a leathery raspberry, very pretty, but inedible. At the center of each lychee is an inedible brown core. These large seeds are known to be poisonous, so it’s best to eat them around or spit them out.

Lychee is often compared to rambutan and longan. All three skins feel like supple, waxy skins with a soft inner fruit popping right out. The flesh of rambutan, longan and lychee is translucent but creamy white with a juicy grape-like texture. The center of the fruit has a hard, inedible brown core. In terms of flavor, lychee is less sweet and creamy than rambutan and less sour than longan. Lychee is considered to have the most refreshing flavor and texture of the three fruits.

where to use it?

Lychee fruit is a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes. Raw lychees are delicious as a sweet snack, topped on salads, or as a special yogurt topping. These delicate fruits are also great for light, refreshing drinks and cocktails.


Lychees are harvested when they are ripe, so you don’t have to worry about when they will be ready to eat. If you have lychee, it’s ready to eat! Lychees have a short shelf life, so refrigerating them will keep them fresh longer. Consume within 1 week, or freeze as soon as possible and consume within 3 months.