Portulaca Flower(Fleur Corail)



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Terre Rouge, Mauritius
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Portulaca flowers(fleur corail)
Buy a pot of Portulaca Flowers (fleur corail) at Agromoris at Rs 75. This flower can be used to beautify your garden. Portulaca flower is commonly known as “Fleur Corail” in Mauritius.
Colors of portulaca flower
Portulaca flowers have a variety of colors such as pink, white, peach, red etc.
types of portulaca flower
1. Moss Rose
     Moss Rose is the most popular portulaca flower. Its  plants have the capacity to grow in arid areas. They grow very well in summer.
2. Yellow Purslane
    Yellow Purslane is a popular tropical variety. Its plants grow  best in tropical areas. Its flowers are yellow in color. This plant is very heat tolerant.
3. Sundance
    Sundance is a gorgeous orange variety and it produces a gorgeous scarlet orange that is eye-catching. Its plants grow best in summer and warmer         temperature zones.
Medicinal uses of portulaca flower
1. It is used in the treatment of hepatitis.
2. It is used in the treatment of  cirrhosis of the liver with ascites.
3. The fresh juice of portulaca leaves and stems uses as a lotion for snake and insect bites.
Tips to well grow your portulaca plants
1. Plant your portulaca plants  in flowerbed or containers.
2. Plant your plants in a spot of full sunlight . This is because they need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight everyday.
3. The soil should be loose, loamy and airy. This is because those types of soil provide an excellent drainage which is good for the plants.
4. Use  peat moss and perlite to make amendments to the soil so that the drainage is improved.
5. Don’t overwater your plants because it will waterlog the soil and this will result in in the onset of root rot.