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Lalo Petit (Kg)



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Mare D'Australia, Mauritius
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Lalo –> Rs 250/kg

Lalo is a source of iron, folate, and vitamin K. These are regarded as some of the natural nutrients that could aid in the treatment of anemia. The synthesis of hemoglobin, red blood cells, and blood coagulation may also be aided by it. All of these activities could guard against anemia.

With prolonged cooking, ladyfingers develop a richer and more complex flavor. Moreover, their texture can range from crisp and juicy to dense and creamy.

Its peak months are June and July. Furthermore, Okra (lalo) pods are green and slender, maturing to a height of 3 to 4 inches. Okra can reach heights of up to 9 inches in some types, although smaller okra has a better flavor.

Features and Uses of Ladyfinger (lalo):

The benefits of ladyfinger (lalo) for health include:

  1. Act as an antioxidant.
  2. Aid in battling weariness.
  3. Exhibit anti-diabetic properties.
  4. It could be antibacterial.
  5. Exhibit anti-tumor properties.
  6. Alter immunological function.
  7. It could ease spasms.
  8. Improve urine flow.
  9. Aid in reducing swelling or irritability.
  10. Lower fever and exert brain-protective effects.
  11. Protect the liver. It may aid in bone protection.

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