Boroway is a liquid fertilizer complexed with boroethanolamine, containing high amounts of boron as a liquid formulation. Thanks to this complexation, the boron element is better absorbed by plants and leaves. 

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Boroway is a liquid fertilizer with a high boron content as a liquid formulation, complexed with borethanolamine. Thanks to this complexation, the boron element is better taken up by the plant and leaves. At the same time, the complexing agent it contains acts as a strong carrier. Flowering, pollination and ultimately fertilization are much better with Boroway. The sugar content in fruits is high. It gives good results in all plants when used against boron deficiency. This product can be mixed with all kinds of fertilizers and pesticides. However, it is important to test in small doses before each application. Do not mix with alkaline and triforin based products.


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Boroway is a liquid fertilizer with a high boron content. It is formulated with borethanolamine for enhanced plant absorption. The complexing agent in Boroway ensures efficient nutrient delivery. This leads to better flowering, pollination, and fertilization in plants. Additionally, Boroway increases the sugar content in fruits. It is effective in addressing boron deficiency across various plants.

Versatility and Mixing Guidelines

Boroway can be mixed with various fertilizers and pesticides, but it should be tested in small doses before full application and avoided with alkaline and triforin-based products.

Enhanced Plant Health and Yield

Regular use of Boroway leads to noticeable improvements in plant health. Additionally, the boron and borethanolamine complex enhances nutrient uptake. Consequently, this results in stronger plants with higher yields. Furthermore, flowers bloom more profusely, and fruits develop better quality. As a result, increased sugar content in fruits improves their taste and market value.

Usage and Dosage

Citrus, Olive, Fruit Trees

In cases where boron deficiency is observed after harvest and before the flowering period, 100cc.-150cc./100lt. in dose.

Vineyard, Strawberries, All Vegetables

In cases where boron deficiency is observed before the flowering period, 100cc.-150cc./100lt. in dose.

Flowers and Ornamental Plants

In cases of boron deficiency, 100cc.-150cc./100lt. in dose.

Cereals, Industrial Crops, Sugar Beet

Starting from the 7-8 leaf period, 300cc per decare until the planting rows are closed. 1-2 applications can be made per dose. In the same periods, in cases of boron deficiency, 300-500cc per decare without dripping. dose can be applied.

How to store

  1. Cool and Dry Location: Store Boroway in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep the product away from direct sunlight to prevent degradation of its active ingredients.
  3. Sealed Containers: Ensure the container is tightly sealed when not in use. This prevents moisture ingress and contamination.
  4. Original Packaging: Store Boroway in its original packaging to retain the product information and instructions.