Black Feed – Liquid Drip(Fertilizer)


Black Feed, a liquid organic fertilizer derived from vegetable sources, is pivotal in promoting
plant health and vitality.

Read below for application guide..

The fertilizer is available in the following quantity: 10 lt, 20 lt. 

The high organic matter in it increases the plant nutrients and micro-organism activities in the soil and increases the absorbent hairs in the root structure of the plant. Thus, Black Feed acts as a catalyst that facilitates plant nutrient intakes.

-It increases the water holding capacity.

-It increases the amount of organic matter in the soil.

-It facilitates the intake of macro and micro plant nutrients.

Compatibility: It can be given together with nitrogen fertilizers. It facilitates fertilizer intake.


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Enhancing Plant Growth with Black Feed Organic Fertilizer

Black Feed, a liquid organic fertilizer derived from vegetable sources, is pivotal in promoting plant health and vitality. By harnessing the power of organic matter, this remarkable product enhances nutrient absorption, encourages microorganism activity, and fortifies root structures. Below, we have listed the benefits, composition, and optimal usage of Black Feed.

The Power of Organic Matter

Containing 45% organic matter, it a dynamic force within the soil. Its presence enriches the earth and stimulates the growth of absorbent root hairs. These microscopic extensions facilitate nutrient uptake, ensuring that plants thrive in their environment.

Water Retention Capacity

The product significantly improves water retention. As plants absorb moisture, they remain hydrated even during dry spells. This resilience contributes to overall plant health and resilience.

Black Feed Boosting Nutrient Intake

The fertilizer’s unique blend of organic carbon (15%) and total nitrogen (3%) acts as a catalyst for nutrient absorption. Macro and micro plant nutrients find an efficient pathway into the plant’s system, bolstering growth and vitality.

Compatibility and Application

It harmoniously coexists with nitrogenous fertilizers. When combined, they create a synergistic effect, enhancing overall nutrient availability. Drip irrigation is the ideal method for applying the product, ensuring uniform distribution across all plants.

Dosage Guidelines

  • Foliar Applications: Dilute 100 liters of the product for foliar spraying, providing a direct nutrient boost to leaves.
  • Root Drenching: Mix 150-300cc of the fertilizer into the water for root application.
  • Field Application: Apply 3-5 liters per hectare from the first flowering stage until harvest completion.
  • Frequency: For optimal results, administer the fertilizer every 10-15 days throughout the growing season.
  • Timing: Apply during cooler hours of the day to minimize stress on plants.

Black Feed is a beacon of sustainable agriculture, nurturing plants and fostering robust ecosystems. Its organic composition, nutrient-rich profile, and strategic application make it an indispensable ally for farmers and gardeners.