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tractor Planters - Model 22

Tractor Planters

Model Year 22 Planter Enhancements

Efficiency is the key to get the job done right. Get your tractor planters to keep planting longer with fewer stops. Moreover, the exact rate family of components allows leveraging high-rate liquid fertilizer. 

Additionally, the system seamlessly carries your product. From the tractor to the planter, and out the Liquid Fertilizer System into the soil.

  • 1,600-gallon total capacity
  • Optional Planter Tracks on 1775NT

Moreover, we offer custom-built planters for those farmers with specific requirements. From tracks to special row counts and spacing, we can meet your needs. Additionally, we offer:

  • Five-section frame weight distribution
  • Tram-line spacing
  • Special wheel and tire requests
  • Special row counts and spacings
  • Skip rows
  • Electric-drive row units for planters are not available from our factory.

Armed with a powerful diesel engine and huge chunky tires, you could go anywhere and do anything! Tractors are truly amazing vehicles, but have you ever stopped to consider what makes them so great? Let’s take a closer look!

The most noticeable thing about a tractor is its giant wheels and tires. Additionally, big pneumatic (air-filled) tires spread the weight of the tractor over a larger area and deep treads give excellent grip. By reducing the pressure on the ground, the tires stop it from sinking into soil and mud that would quickly bog down a conventional car. The more the tires spread the load, the less “compaction” damage (squashing) the tractor does to the soil it’s driving over. 

Moreover, power-assisted steering and braking help tractor drivers keep heavy loads safely under control. Since tractors are heavy and often have to work on steep slopes and soggy, unstable ground, there’s always a risk they might tip over so modern tractors generally have reinforced cabs fitted with rollover bars. Find more with AgroMoris