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Gasoline fertilizer pump



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Gasoline Fertilizer Pump

gasoline fertilizer pump

The main nitrogen-based straight fertilizer is ammonia or its solutions. In a modern chemical plant, nitrogen fertilizer derives from natural gas for the gasoline fertilizer pump.

Moreover, there are several transformation steps, natural gas, essentially methane.

Also, upgrades compromise a combination with nitrogen from the air to form nitrogen fertilizer.

Furthermore, the main end products for fertilizer are ammonium nitrate and urea.

Gasoline pump fertilizer inspection and management system

 Moreover, several nutrients are important aspects of the plantation. The fertilizer products are divided into six categories namely:

  • nitrogen,
  • phosphate,
  • potassium,
  • composite,
  • trace element,
  • and humic acid fertilizer plants.

Besides, thermoplastic gasoline fertilizer pump with stainless steel bolts and nuts.


  • 50mm Inlet/outlet,
  • Spacer between engine and pump to protect the engine from possible corrosion,
  • Powered by Honda GX160 -3.7KW (5HP) OHV petrol engine
  • Low oil level
  • Wrap around the powder-coated frame.

The pump is the heart of the sprayer and a key component for producing the flow of spray material and sprayer output. Also, various spraying situations require different pressures and flow rates. so, using the correct sprayer pump is essential to achieving desired results. In addition to sprayer considerations, a pump must also be durable enough to withstand harsh chemicals that may cause excessive wear. Even though pumps with added chemical corrosion protection are more expensive, they are a popular choice because of their durability.

Pumps are typically either ground-driven or powered by main or auxiliary engines, power takeoff (PTO) shafts, or hydraulic pumps. However, no particular type of pump is ideal for all purposes.

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