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Pamplemousse / Grapefruit (Box of 55)



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The grapefruit is a subtropical citrus tree known for its relatively large, sour to semi-sweet, somewhat bitter fruit.


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The grapefruit (pamplemousse) originated on the island of Barbados, and is a cross between a sweet orange and a large citrus fruit called a pomelo. It supplies about 10% of your daily potassium needs, along with 8% of your requirements for thiamine and folate. You also get additional antioxidant power from lycopene, a natural, nutritious compound found in tomatoes and watermelon.


Grapefruit (pamplemousse), like other fruits, provides a good helping of fiber, which can help support:

Heart health: Fiber-rich foods can reduce inflammation and ease high blood pressure.
Gut health: Fiber helps prevent constipation and encourages beneficial bacteria growth.
Healthier cholesterol levels: Eating plenty of fiber can help keep low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in check.
Weight management: Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer so you can feel satisfied with less food.

Vitamin C
In addition to fiber, grapefruits (pamplemousse) have more in store. Grapefruits, like oranges and other citrus fruits, are high in vitamin C. In fact, one whole, medium grapefruit (pamplemousse) provides you with 100% of your daily requirement for vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is great for your immune system and can help you fight off viruses and bacteria that can cause disease.

Vitamin A
Grapefruits (pamplemousse) also have another benefit that is not shared by other citrus fruits, and that’s their high level of vitamin A, or beta carotene. A  whole grapefruit (pamplemousse) can provide over 50% of vitamin A. Vitamin A is  important for eye health.


People with digestive or stomach conditions may be sensitive to the acid in grapefruit and other acidic items, such as vinegar or tomato sauce.  If you have a less common problem such as gastritis or an ulcer, you may need to steer clear of  grapefruit (pamplemousse) and other acidic foods since these foods  irritate the stomach. Tooth enamel erosion is another concern some have about grapefruit (pamplemousse) and other citrus. However it isn’t off the menu unless tooth enamel or sensitivity is a concern. It takes a lot of acidic foods over time to damage the teeth.