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The spice (Gros Anis 40g) is mostly used in Italy, Germany, India, and Mexico. It basically used in Italian desserts. The oil and seed are generally use to create medications. The root and leaf are frequently use to create medication. Distinguish anise from other herbs with the names star anise or fennel.

Health Benefits:

Anise (Gros Anis 40g) is generally use to treat indigestion and intestine condition that causes stomach pain. Although there are other ailments for which can also used. However the majority of these applications lack strong scientific backing. Anise seed is basically rich in iron, which is necessary for the body to produce healthy blood cells. Anise seed may help alleviate depression, avoid vomiting, and decrease symptoms, according to some research. When combined with a healthy diet, anise seed may help control blood sugar levels. It is eventually believe to reduce menopause symptoms.


Despite the fact that the two plants resemble each other in appearance and flavor, anise is not the same as fennel. Although belonging to the same plant family, anise and fennel are separate species. If you don’t have anise seed available for a recipe, the best substitution would be fennel seed, a few drops of anise extract, or star anise


Anise seed can be added to ground meat, fruit fillings for pies, and the dough for baked products. Anise extract can be used to flavor beverages like coffee or hot chocolate as well as baked items.