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Broccoli / Brocoli (Per unit)



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Broccoli is often nicknamed to its light green stalk and tightly clustered, dark green flowering head. Gray-green leaves that surround it as it grows are likewise tasty but are frequently removed before being sold commercially. It is thought that the vegetable's name, broccoli, came from there. The inexpensive vegetable only has to be washed and trimmed, and you can slice, chop, or leave it whole.


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Broccoli (brocoli), Brassica oleracea, is an annual or biennial herb grown for its edible flower heads used as vegetables. Broccoli (brocoli) plants have thick green stems or stalks, bearing long, thick, leathery leaves that range in color from gray-green to green. The plant produces large, branching green flowers, covered with numerous white or yellow flowers. Broccoli (brocoli) can be an annual or biennial depending on the variety and can reach 1 m (3.3 ft) in height.

Benefits of Broccoli (brocoli)

•Cancer Prevention Cancer happens when there is a growth of abnormal cells linked to oxidative stress. Studies have linked the consumption of broccoli with a reduction in the risks of developing many forms of cancer.

•Lower Cholesterol Levels Cholesterol has many functions in the human body. For example, it helps in the formation of bile acids. This bile acid is stored and the gallbladder and released in the digestive system when eating fat. Broccoli (brocoli) contains substances that fuses with the acid, this helps remove the acid from the body through excretion thus lowering the chances of having high cholesterol.

•Eye Health As we age, we start losing proper use of our eyes. Broccolis (brocoli) contain lutein and zeaxantin, which can help with fighting against eye related problems due to ageing. Broccolis also contain beta-carotene.

•Support hormonal balance as Broccolis (brocoli) contain a plant compound called indole-3-carbinol (I3C). This compound, acts like a plant oestrogen and may help with balancing hormones level in the body.

•May support the immune system Broccolis (brocoli) are full of sulphur, which is great for gut health, resulting in improved defences against infections. Sulphur supports the production of glutathione, which helps maintain the integrity of the gut lining and helps in its repair.

How to preserve Broccoli (brocoli)

You may keep broccolis (brocoli) inside of a loosely wrapped or perforated plastic bag to allow some airflow. Do not wash your broccolis (brocoli) before storing, this may result in excess moisture which will then lead to the growth of mold.