Aminox – BIOSTIMULANT(Fertilizer)


AMINOX is a special product containing organic nitrogen based on low molecular weight amino acids and peptides, specially developed for foliar use.

These are the content that are included :

Total Organic Matter- %40
Organic Carbon (C) – %15
Organic Nitrogen (N)- %7
Amount of Free Amino Acid-%10
pH 5,5 – 7,5

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AMINOX is a special product containing organic nitrogen based on low molecular weight amino acids and peptides, specially developed for foliar use. It absolutely does not contain heavy metals. Aminox has a high solubility, so it can be easily taken from the leaf. Aminox;

• Increases cell division.

• Increases fruit size and dry matter amount.

• Provides uniform and rapid fruit growth.

• It acts as a stress reliever under stress conditions in the plant.

It also stimulates the eyes, increases sprouting, facilitates the transportation of nutrients, and delays the aging and shedding of fruits and leaves. It is a unique energy source for all plants.

It complexes nutrients and carries them to the plant body. It supports the growth of cells and plants in environmental and climatic stress environments and protects the plant against stress. By keeping the vegetative development of the plant under control, it promotes the growth of fruits and vegetables, which completes flowering, fertilization and fertilization. When applied with fertilizers, it carries the fertilizer to the plant.


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Aminox is a specialized product featuring organic nitrogen derived from low molecular weight amino acids and peptides. Designed specifically for foliar application, it boasts a complete absence of heavy metals. With its remarkable solubility, Aminox ensures efficient absorption through the leaves.

Enhancing cell division, Aminox promotes larger fruit sizes and increased dry matter content. It fosters uniform and rapid fruit growth while serving as a stress reliever for plants facing adverse conditions. Additionally, it stimulates budding, facilitates nutrient transportation, and prolongs the lifespan of fruits and leaves.

Aminox acts as a unique energy source for all plants, forming complexes with nutrients and facilitating their transportation within the plant. It bolsters cell and plant growth amidst environmental and climatic stressors, safeguarding plants against adverse conditions. By regulating vegetative development, it fosters the growth of fruits and vegetables post-flowering, ensuring robust fertilization and maturation.

When applied alongside fertilizers, Aminox efficiently transports nutrients to plants, supporting their overall health and growth. With Aminox, plants receive the necessary energy and nutrients to thrive, leading to improved yields and quality crops.

Usage and Dosage


After June fall, 2-3 foliar applications 200-250gr/100lt at 10-day intervals.

Hard Nuclei

2-3 applications per leaf during fruit growth period, 200-250gr/100lt.


2-3 foliar applications from the shoot period until harvest, 200-250gr/100lt.
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Wheat, Soy, Cereals

2-3 foliar applications during spike, grain and pod formation period, 200-250gr/100lt.

Peanuts, Potatoes

2-3 foliar applications 200-150gr/100lt during potato tuber growth and peanut filling periods.

Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Strawberry, Eggplant, Melon, Watermelon

2-3 foliar applications from fruit formation until harvest, 22-250gr/100lt.

Aplication type

Leaf application

Proper Storage Instructions for Aminox Biostimulant

To ensure Aminox biostimulant remains effective, store it in a cool, dry spot, shielded from direct sunlight. Seal the container tightly to prevent moisture from entering. Choose a well-ventilated location, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. Adhering to these guidelines preserves Aminox’s quality, ensuring optimal plant growth.