Drought – Vegetables:Higher prices, lower quality

Vegetable prices will be impacted by at least 20% due to decrease in food output.

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Our food crops are dying badly. They are already bearing the brunt of the heat wave of the drought. Therefore, vegetable prices are likely to rise in the coming days. The problem is that consumers have to pay more for inferior quality products.

“In a few days, certain vegetables will not be available on the market. So their prices can go up significantly,” warns Kreepalloo Sunhoon, secretary of the Small Planters Association who doesn’t hide his concerns.

He estimates that food production has declined by at least 20%. He points out that chouchou already sells for 35 to 40 rupees. In his opinion, cauliflower plantations are not immune to drought either.



Traders have also complained about the quality of vegetables on the market due to the drought. For Kreepalloo Sunghoon, the authorities have learned nothing from the past. Planters are suffering from severe water shortages.

Without December rains, he believes the situation will continue to deteriorate.

Kreepalloo Sunghoon is particularly afraid that the authorities will decide to further limit the water supply to the planters. Therefore, he wants all decisions to be made in consultation with producer representatives. What can you say to someone who thinks that merchants will be happy if the price of vegetables goes up at the market? I also don’t know that most of them refuse to sell them because they are over priced, so they often can’t sell them at all,” the trader explains.

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