Adress – BIOSTIMULANT(Fertilizer)


It is produced to be used in the early stages of plant development during or immediately after the Adress transplantation period. 

These are the content that are included :         

Total Nitrogen (N) – %21

Ammonium Nitrogen (N) – %3

Urea Nitrogen (N)- %18

Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)- %7

Neutral Ammonium Citrate and Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)- %8

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It is produced to be used in the early stages of plant development during or immediately after the Adress transplantation period. In addition to feeding the plant in the early stages, the product fights against the development and elongation of the hair root structure, the formation of the absorbent hairs on it and the health of these hairs. It ensures rapid development of plants.

• It supports fringe root formation.

• Provides an increase in the absorbent hair rate.

• Creates a healthy root structure.

Miscibility: This product can be mixed with all types of fertilizers and pesticides, but it is recommended to test small doses before each application. Never exceed appropriate dosage recommendations. Use where necessary. It is recommended to use fertilizer after soil and/or leaf analysis.


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Early Stage Plant Development Support

Producers design this product  for use in the early stages of plant development, especially during or right after transplanting.

Promoting Root Development and Health

In addition to nourishing plants in their early stages, the product also aids in combating the development and elongation of root structures.

Ensuring Rapid Plant Growth

This product guarantees rapid plant development by fostering fringe root formation and increasing the rate of absorbent hair.

Establishing a Strong Root Structure

Furthermore, it establishes a healthy root structure, ensuring the overall health and vitality of the plant.

Compatibility and Application Recommendations

Producers recommend mixing this product with various fertilizers and pesticides, but advise testing small doses before each use.

Optimal Dosage and Application

It’s crucial never to exceed the recommended dosage to prevent any adverse effects. Apply the product only where necessary.

Expert Recommendations

Experts suggest using fertilizers after soil and/or leaf analysis to ensure the most effective application and results.

In summary, this product serves as a comprehensive support system for early-stage plant development, promoting root health, rapid growth, and overall vitality.

Usage and Dosage


1 kg/da for life water after planting seedlings or for the first irrigation to encourage rooting, 1 kg/da for new root formation after the treatment of root diseases and pests occurring in plants. Application to the root area in seedling application: 100gr./100lt. 

All Fruit Saplings

With the planting of saplings, 2 applications of life water or 1 kg/da with 1 month intervals starting from the first irrigation, 1 kg/da in the period of sapling development, 1 kg/da.

Application Type

Leaf Application