Ration Rice Shortage Set to End in Mauritius: Full Recovery Expected by Mid-October 2023

Ration Rice Shortage Set to End: Full Recovery Expected by Mid-October

A challenging rice shortage disrupted Mauritians’ access to ration rice in stores over the past two months. Refer to this link (https://agromoris.com/update-on-rice-ration-supply-in-mauritius/) for previous updates on Mauritius’ rice ration supply. Empty shelves and rice scarcity frustrated shoppers as rice is a local staple. Consumers eagerly await the return of ration rice to store shelves amid concerns and frustrations.

However, there’s good news on the horizon. A rice shortage recovery plan is in action, and ration rice is expected to return to supermarket and retail store shelves soon. “The situation is getting back to normal,” assures Rajiv Servansingh, the Managing Director of the State Trading Corporation. “By the middle of October, things should be back to how they used to be.”

If you’ve been concerned about the ongoing rice shortage, you can breathe a sigh of relief. In just a few short weeks, as we move closer to the second or even third week of October, you can eagerly anticipate a much-improved shopping experience, with ration rice becoming readily available once again. This positive and welcome change will make your trips to the store more convenient and worry-free.

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