Wheelbarrow is a small hand-driven vehicle that typically has just one wheel. It can be moved and directed by one person using the two handles at the back, or it can be propelled by the wind using a sail.


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Wheelbarrow is useful for carrying bricks, disposing of garden waste, moving trees or large plants from one location to another, transporting mulch, rock, or compost to the garden, and even mixing concrete or fertilizer.

The movement of large materials, such as concrete, is the most frequent. They serve as a convenient transportable tool center, and an upright barrow shelters a gasoline generator from the elements. They have a plush, armchair-like seat (handles to the ground as front two legs)

Use of Wheelbarrow
  1. Wheelbarrows are used on building sites: Where a little amount of concrete is needed, the masonry worker can mix the concrete in the barrow to relieve himself of the job. Wheelbarrows can be used to transport concrete from the mixing plant to its destination in major construction projects. A wheelbarrow can also be used to transfer debris from a construction site if a truck cannot be utilized or if the necessary equipment is not available.
  2. Gardeners can use it: A wheelbarrow is used to reduce the strain of carrying heavy loads from one location to another. A wheelbarrow can also assist relieve the back ache that comes with transporting a load from one place to another, which is a benefit to gardeners. Because of its portability, a wheelbarrow can be used to pull weeds out of your garden because it is simple to move between the garden rows. Some gardeners occasionally utilize an old wheelbarrow as a planting container.
  3. For landscaping: Landscapers are experts who alter how our environment appears to either make it more beautiful or shield it from environmental threats. A wheelbarrow is one of the crucial tools utilized by landscapers because of this as well. It can be used to move supplies from one place to another, including mulch, plants, trees, and gravel, among other things.