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Watermelon / Pastèque / melon d’eau (per Kg)



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A sweet and cooling summertime snack with few calories is watermelon. In addition to providing critical elements including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it also supplies hydration.

Watermelons come in five common varieties: orange, yellow, small, yellow, and seedless.

Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline that may assist flow blood through your body and can reduce your blood pressure. The benefits of all the lycopene that watermelon contains are also enjoyed by your heart.

According to studies, it might reduce your risk of heart attacks. The three flavors of watermelon are bitter, sweet, and sour. The fruit‘s harsh qualities are potent enough to prevent the sweetness from being overpowering, and the sour helps to make the bitter sensations more tolerable. The combination of these three is what makes watermelon so unique.

Serving tips

Serving tips for watermelon includes:
-Juice: To make a cold, hydrating electrolyte drink that is ideal for rehydrating after exercise or a day in the sun, combine sliced watermelon with a few ice cubes in a blender.
-Salad: For a delightful and nutritious salad, top spinach leaves with fresh mozzarella, mint, and watermelon. Add a balsamic dressing drizzle.
-Smoothies: Make a watermelon smoothie or add orange juice for additional tang. Keep in mind that fiber is broken down by juicing, making sugar simpler to absorb. Instead of drinking juice, people with diabetes might think about consuming fresh, entire watermelon.
-Roasted seeds: To prepare a pleasant snack, roast the watermelon seeds in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Around 8 g of protein, or 14% to 17% of a person’s daily protein requirements, can be found in one ounce (28.5 g) of seeds.

When consumed in moderation, watermelon is a hydrating fruit that is good for most people, even those with diabetes. According to some studies, it may even improve heart health by reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol. You can enjoy watermelon in a variety of ways, from salads to frozen desserts. Even easier, snack on this well-liked summer fruit when the weather warms up; your taste buds and possibly your ticker will appreciate it.