Public Health and Household Products


Alpha Cypermethrin 5%, 2 5%WP, 1.0EC, 10%SC
Allethrin 0.5 Coil, 4% Mat, 0.5% Aer, 3.6%L
Bifenthrin 10% EC, 10% WP
Betacyfuthrin 2.45% SC
Chlorpyrifos 20%, 40%, 48% EC
Deltamethrin 2.5%EC,SC,WP, 25%WDG
D-Trans allethrin 2% Mat, 0.1 % Coil
Fenvalerate 0.4% DP
Fenitrothion 2% Spray
lmidacloprid 30.5% SC
Lambda-Cyhalothrin 2.5% EC, 10% WP
Malathion 2% & 5% Spray, 50%,57% EC
Permethrin 0.5%, 1 % DP, 5% SG
Temephos 1 % SG, 50% EC


Public health and household products play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and well-being in homes, communities, and public spaces. Furthermore, these products encompass a diverse range of items designed to address various health and hygiene needs, from personal care and sanitation to pest control and environmental management. For instance, common household products include disinfectants, sanitizers, insecticides, rodenticides, and cleaning agents. Additionally, public health products may include vaccines, medications, and medical devices used in healthcare settings. Moreover, the proper storage and handling of these products is crucial to ensure their effectiveness and prevent potential harm to individuals and the environment.


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Household Products and Public Health: Enhancing Well-Being

Household goods and public health are essential for preserving hygienic conditions and general wellbeing.

A Wide Variety of Products to Meet Different Needs

These goods cover a wide range of products that meet hygienic and health needs and meet different needs.

Common Household Items: Crucial to Hygiene

Cleaning supplies, insecticides, rodenticides, sanitizers, and disinfectants are common household items that are essential for maintaining hygiene.

Public Health Products: Vital to the Medical Field

Vaccines, drugs, and medical equipment used in healthcare facilities and essential for illness prevention and treatment are examples of public health products.

The Significance of Appropriate Storage: Guaranteeing Efficiency

To guarantee product effectiveness and avoid potential harm, such as contamination and degradation, proper handling and storage are essential.

Area of use

The Value of Proper Hand Washing

Soap, hand sanitizers, and hand rubs with alcohol content are essential for maintaining good hand hygiene.

Essentials for Household Cleaning

Furthermore, cleaning supplies, sanitizers, and disinfectants are essential for good home sanitation procedures.

Making Certain Food Safety

Moreover, food sanitizers and preservatives are essential to upholding food safety regulations.

Personal Care and Tailoring

Personal care products are also necessary to uphold standards of grooming and personal hygiene.

Methods of Pest Management

Finally, the management and prevention of pest infestations in a variety of environments require the use of pest control products.

How to store

Making Certain Ideal Storage Conditions: Ensuring Optimal Outcomes

It is essential that products be kept in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space for optimal outcomes. Moreover, maintaining suitable environmental conditions is crucial for preserving product integrity.

Safety Procedures for Containers: Preventing Contamination

To avoid contamination, it is imperative to make sure that products stay in their original, tightly sealed containers. Furthermore, ensuring proper sealing of containers is vital for product integrity and safety.

Safety of Children and Pets Must Come First: Prioritizing Safety

Prioritize the safety of kids and animals by putting products out of reach and adding extra security with locked cabinets. Additionally, implementing safety measures is essential to prevent accidental exposure and ensure the well-being of household members.

Distinctiveness from Consumables: Avoiding Contamination

Products should be kept apart from food, animal feed, and drinking water to avoid contamination. Moreover, it’s also advised to designate a specific space for the storage of chemicals and pesticides. Maintaining separation from consumables is crucial for safety and hygiene purposes.

General Precautions for Product Use

Label Reading Essential

Before using any product, carefully read the label. It’s crucial to understand instructions, ingredients, and potential hazards thoroughly.

Proper Storage Practices

Additionally, store products in their original containers, tightly sealed, away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and moisture. Ensure they’re inaccessible to children and pets.

Correct Usage Guidelines

Moreover, follow label instructions precisely when using products. It’s important to avoid mixing different products or using them for unintended purposes.

Importance of Ventilation

Furthermore, ensure adequate ventilation when using products emitting fumes or vapors to mitigate potential health risks.