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Anthurium / Laceleaf (per unit)



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These spectacular aroids, also known as flamingo flowers or laceleaf, are renowned for their huge heart-shaped leaves and a variety of uses and advantages. Anthuriums are stunningly beautiful, and they also have symbolic meanings related to abundance, hospitality, love, and luck.
The Anthurium plant can produce new flowers all year long with proper care and frequent fertilization. But often, there are three-month flowering cycles followed by a few months without flowering and then another three-month flowering cycle.

What does a bloom from the anthurium represent?

Flowers from anthuriums stand for generosity, joy, and abundance. White anthuriums stand for innocence and purity, while red anthuriums are symbolic of love and lust.

Care instructions for a laceleaf

The Anthurium Laceleaf plant is incredibly hardy and low maintenance as a houseplant.
Repotting is as easy as adding peat moss or a soil blend based on coco coir, supplying bright, indirect sunlight, and letting the soil partially dry out between waterings.
Be patient with it if you find that the leaf is green rather than the color you were expecting (red or pink). This could just be a new sprout.

How much sun does Laceleaf require?

Bright in the absence of the sun.
Contrary to popular belief, Rubber Trees really favor indoor growth rather than exposure to intense sunlight. Bright lighting is preferred, but not direct sunshine.