Expanded Vermiculite(per bag), size: 20-40, 40-60 mesh



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Product Attributes :

√ Seed Germination

√ Rooting Cuttings

√ Hydroponic Gardening Systems

√ Rooftop Gardening

√ Turf Management for Athletic Fields and Golf Courses

√ Landscaping

√ Greenhouse Growing

√ Flower Bulb Storage


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Expanded Vermiculite in Agriculture

Expanded vermiculite, a natural mineral with a spongy structure, plays a vital role in improving soil quality for agricultural purposes. It is widely used as a soil amendment to enhance water retention and nutrient availability.

Benefits of Using Expanded Vermiculite

Expanded vermiculite aids in moisture retention, preventing soil from drying out quickly, especially in sandy soils. Its ability to hold water and nutrients allows for better absorption by plant roots, promoting healthy growth. Vermiculite also improves soil aeration, crucial for root development.

Enhanced Water Retention

The unique structure of expanded vermiculite enables it to absorb and retain significant amounts of water, reducing the frequency of irrigation. This property is particularly advantageous in regions prone to drought or with sandy soils that drain quickly.

Improved Nutrient Availability

Expanded vermiculite acts as a reservoir for nutrients, releasing them gradually to plant roots as needed. This ensures a steady supply of essential elements for optimal growth and development. Additionally, vermiculite’s cation exchange capacity helps retain positively charged nutrients in the soil.

Promotion of Root Development

The porous nature of expanded vermiculite creates an ideal environment for root growth by providing adequate oxygen and moisture. Healthy root systems lead to stronger, more resilient plants capable of withstanding environmental stressors. Vermiculite encourages the proliferation of fine roots, essential for nutrient uptake.

Versatility and Environmental Sustainability

Expanded vermiculite is versatile and can be used in various agricultural applications, including seed germination, container gardening, and soil conditioning. Its natural origin and non-toxic properties make it environmentally friendly and safe for use around plants and animals.


Expanded vermiculite offers multiple benefits to agriculture, including improved water retention, nutrient availability, and root development. Its versatility and sustainability make it a valuable soil amendment in modern farming practices. By incorporating expanded vermiculite, farmers can enhance soil quality and optimize crop productivity in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.