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Broadfork / fourche large



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A broadfork / fourche large is a gardening tool used to loosen and aerate soil. It consists of two long handles and tines attached to it at the bottom. Broadfork helps to break compacted soil. You must insert the tines into soil and  then the tool must be moved back and forth by your body weight. 

At agromoris, we offer broadfork designed to make your gardening tasks easier. Moreover, we offer more tools and machinery that you may need to ease your gardening tasks. Explore our selection today and buy your tools and machinery that you need to maintain and enhance your garden. 

  • It helps to aerate the soil. It loosen and breaks up compacted soil.
  • Improve drainage: Compacted soil may prevent good drainage, leading to waterlogged that may harm your plant roots. Using a broadfork you can make pathways for extra water to flow through thus improving drainage.
  • Increase nutrients penetration: When the soil is compacted, your plant roots may not get the proper access to essential nutrients. When using a broadfork you can create pathways for nutrients to move more freely.
  • Prepare the soil for planting : It is an excellent tool for preparing your soil before planting. 

Maintenance : It is important to clean your broadfork / fourche large after every use to keep it in good condition.

The appropriate equipment is essential for successful gardening. At agromoris we offer you all the essential equipment you need. Discover our selection now!