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Brede Giraumon / Bred Giromon (per pkt)



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Promotes the health of the heart

Pumpkin shoots (Brede Giraumon /  Giromon) contain plenty of soluble fibre; high intake of soluble fibre helps to reduce the absorption of cholesterol and bile acid from the small intestines. Thus decreasing blood cholesterol level. Moreover, bacteria in the intestines break down soluble fibers, which release certain fatty acids that decrease the liver’s production of cholesterol.. By lowering blood cholesterol, fibres help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Pumpkin shoots (Brede Giraumon / Bred Giromon) also contain plenty of potassium. Which helps to prevent irregular heart beat and to reduce risk of stroke.

Immune System

Iron which is found abundantly in pumpkin shoots plays an important role in providing strength to the immune system of the human body. Thus, the body becomes capable to fight against a number of diseases and infections. Red blood cells are essential for providing oxygen to damaged tissues, organs, and cells. Without it, there would be no hemoglobin; without hemoglobin, there would be no oxygen. The healing process needs iron to happen!

Ensures soft and supple skin

Pumpkin shoots consists of 38 µg of Vitamin A, which is 5.43% of the daily recommended value. Therefore consuming vitamin A rich foods helps to keep body free from free radicals and toxins, which might cause damage to your skin. It helps to keep the skin soft and supple by ensuring moisture retention. Thus preventing dryness, keratinization and skin conditions like psoriasis.

Fight against cancer
Pumpkin shoots like other green vegetables is rich in fibres; several researches in the last three decades have shown a link between increased fibres in-take and a decrease in colon cancer. It is due to the fibre itself or the nutrients that are commonly in fibre-rich foods like vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and essential fatty acid. Regular consumption of pumpkin shoots is extremely recommend and this is easily possible in West Africa through soups.