10-0-20+(15CaO) – Dust Dripping(Fertilizer)


The 10-0-20+(15CaO) fertilizer blend is a powerful tool for promoting plant health and growth. This specialized formulation offers several advantages comprising essential nutrients.

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The fertilizer is available in the following quantity: 15 kg.

-Has fast resolution

-Specially mixed mixtures with calcium.

-Formulations with acidic character.

No heavy metals and no chlorine - the reason why Growway NPK formulations work in the safest and most effective way is that the raw materials used are of high quality and they have formulations enriched with special additives.


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Enhancing Plant Growth with 10-0-20+(15CaO) Fertilizer

The 10-0-20+(15CaO) fertilizer blend is a powerful tool for promoting plant health and growth. This specialized formulation offers several advantages comprising essential nutrients. We will further explore the composition, benefits, and recommended usage of this unique fertilizer.

Composition and Characteristics:

The 10-0-20+(15CaO) fertilizer contains specific nutrients critical for plant development. Let’s break down its components:

  1. Nitrogen (N): At 10%, nitrogen plays a vital role in leaf and stem growth. It enhances chlorophyll production, ensuring vibrant foliage.
  2. Potassium Oxide (K₂O): With a 20% concentration, potassium supports overall plant health. It regulates water balance, strengthens cell walls, and aids disease resistance.
  3. Calcium Oxide (CaO): At 15%, calcium contributes to root development, cell division, and nutrient uptake. It also improves soil structure.


  1. Fast Resolution: The 10-0-20+(15CaO) blends and rapidly dissolves in water. This quick availability of nutrients ensures that plants can efficiently absorb them for growth and development. The blend’s water-soluble nature makes it ideal for both foliar application and soil drenching. Whether you’re nourishing crops, ornamental plants, or turf, this formulation ensures swift nutrient uptake.
  1. Calcium Enrichment: Beyond its role in plant structure, calcium plays a crucial role in cell wall integrity. By enriching the blend with calcium (15CaO), you’re fortifying plant cell walls. Strong cell walls enhance plant resistance to diseases, pests, and environmental stressors. As a result, your plants are better equipped to withstand challenges and thrive.
  2. Acidic Formulation: The fertilizer’s acidic pH optimizes nutrient absorption. Acidic conditions enhance the availability of essential elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When the soil pH aligns with the blend’s acidity, roots can efficiently take up nutrients. Regular soil testing and adjusting pH ensure that plants benefit fully from this formulation.
  3. Heavy Metal and Chlorine-Free: Growway NPK formulations prioritize safety by excluding harmful elements such as heavy metals and chlorine. Heavy metals (like lead, cadmium, and mercury) can accumulate in plants and pose health risks to humans and animals. By avoiding them, Growway ensures environmentally friendly and safe fertilization practices.

Application and Dosage:

  • All Vegetables and Fruits: Apply 5-10 kg of fertilizer per decare weekly via drip irrigation. Soil and leaf analyses guide precise usage.

The 10-0-20+(15CaO) fertilizer is a reliable ally for farmers and gardeners. Its water solubility, low pH, and balanced nutrient profile contribute to healthy, thriving plants. By harnessing the power of this formulation, we can cultivate bountiful harvests and lush greenery.