Cultivating Avocado Plants from Seed

Seed Starting Methods

To start avocado seeds, you need to either perch them over water or in dirt/soil. You will need rinsed avocado seeds, toothpicks, jars for the water method, and dirt, gravel, and pots, trays, or garden space. For the water method, use toothpicks and jars.

Cultivating Avocado

1. The Seed - Water Germination

  • Avoid cutting deep gouges when removing the seed.
  • Clean the avocado thoroughly to remove any remaining flesh.
  • Stick three toothpicks into the side of the seed.
  • Fill a glass or jar with water and submerge the avocado halfway.
  • Refill the water as it evaporates.
  • Keep the avocados in a bright window or outside.
  • Allow the avocados to sprout for a few days to several months.
  • Transplant the avocados carefully into a pot when roots fill the glass.

2. Seed-Dirt Method

To ensure avocados have good drainage, use gravel or pebbles in pots and keep the seed top slightly above the soil, as they prefer water but don’t like soggy soil.

Cultivating Avocado
Cultivating Avocado

3. Baby plant

The seed was water-planted and then placed in a pot for sprouting soon.

Cultivating Avocado

4.Decide whether to prune or not to prune.

The older plant is displaying different leaf sets, and someone is pruning it to create a bushier plant. This pruning is recommended for those keeping the plant indoors. Additionally, as avocados make great houseplants, it helps keep the size reasonable and makes the plant more attractive.

5.The pot is too large for a small pot

Hass avocados, which thrive year-round in California’s warm weather, have experienced rapid growth. However, most plants cannot survive temperatures below 55-60 degrees. Consequently, they may require relocation to larger pots soon.

Cultivating Avocado


The author found three Fuerte avocados and is keeping an eye on them for fruit production. Moreover, avocados require proper watering, but not daily amounts. It is essential to thoroughly soak the soil and only water it when it begins to dry. Additionally, the author recommends watering them every other day or less and advises careful observation of the leaves.

Cultivating Avocado

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