The Medine Gardens

The medine Gardens

The “Jardins de Medine” brand has had tremendous customer popularity since its inception in September 2012. Butternut squash, baby potatoes, garlic, ginger, baby carrots, and sliced squash were added to the “Jardins de Medine2015” ‘s product lineup.

In addition to their standard offerings of onions, carrots, tomatoes (“pommes d’amour“), lettuce, potatoes, and turban squash (“giraumon“). The “ready to eat” category, which was first offered in 2016, consists of cleaned and wrung-dry lettuces, grated carrots, cherry tomatoes, rocket, and finally a mix of lettuce, rocket, and cherry tomatoes.

Regarding the fruits provided by “Jardins de Medine,” bananas and, depending on the season, mango, papaya, jujube, grenadine, and lychees are frequently seen on shop shelves.

2020 saw the development of a user-friendly online portal by les Jardins de Medine that allowed Mauritanians to order fresh fruits and vegetables and have them delivered right to their doorsteps as part of the country’s effort to combat the COVID- 19-caused global health catastrophe.

Both at the agricultural diversification hangar and along the production line, a full set of hygienic controls are in place.
The latter has held a HACCP certification since 2011, and this standard ensures food safety by enforcing extremely stringent cleanliness standards.

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