Youth in Mauritius and Africa


Youth is better described as the change from the childhood dependence to the adulthood independence. In 2014, the youth of Mauritius was classified between the age of 14 to 29 years, then in 2020, it the age group of for youth have been changed thus the new age group is of 14 to 35 years. In addition, the youth are considered to be more fit than other age group. At the end of 2008, the youth population was approximately to be around 311,789 people, and represented around 25% of the population.

The number of youth in Mauritius for 2022 is :

• Under 15 years are around 279,782 (Around 142,000 male, 137,000 female)

• The youth between the age 10-19 there’s around 189,516.

• Persons between 15 and 64 is estimated to be around 905,519.

youth of Mauritius

Age range


In 2022, Mauritius have a population of around 1.2 million habitant where around 630,000 are male and 649,000 are female. Concerning the youth people is Mauritius, the percentage of person aged:
0-14 is 19.44%,
15-24 is 14.06%
25-54 is 43.11%
55-64 is 12.31%
65+ is 11.08%.

The age range of 0-14 years are considered as children, 15-24 years considered as early working age, 25- 54 years considered as prime working age, 55- 64 years considered as mature working age and 65 and over are considered as elderly.


Level of Education


In 2021, in around 789 pre-primary school there was around 23,600 enrolment, 319 primary school around 84,100 enrolment, 178 secondary school around 102,000 enrolment and there have been around 48,000 enrolment in tertiary institution in 2020 .In 2020/2021 around 15 ,300 student took part in the Cambridge School Certificate examination and around 13,100 passed the exam with a percentage raise from 70.9% in 2019 to 85.7% in 2020/2021. For the Higher School Certificate examination where around 7,800 student took part and eventually had an overall pass rate raise from 75% in 2019 to 90% in 2020/2021. For Technical and Vocational education, in 2020, there were around 7,328 enrolment.


Youth Employment


The employment of youth in Mauritius fell by around 9,300 resulting an amount of 48,700 in 2020, where the youth unemployment increases from 17,100 to 17,200.  In 2020, there was 17,200 youth aged 16-24 who were unemployed resulting to an unemployment rate of 26.1%. Youth aged 25-29 there was 7,400 who were unemployed. 

Organizations and group in mauritius

 In Mauritius, there are different organization and groups that main goal is encourage youth to undertake experimental work. Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) are independent organization that help in the social and humanitarian basis. These NGO mainly consist of youth that help to create a brighter future for the children and other youth.  The most known NGO in Mauritius is : YUVA, TIPA, LEAD, Halley Movement, PILS, Transparency Mauritius, Maison Dawah.




The youth of Africa can be defined as the any persons between the ages of 14 and 35 years. Africa has the youngest population in the world with 70% African under the age of 30. A young population provides multiple opportunities for economic growth, innovation and contribute to the improvement of their communities and nations.

Age range

The population of Africa is around 60 million habitant where around 30 million are male and 30 million are female. The age range of Africa are as follows:
0-14 is 27.94%,
15-24 is 16.8%
25-54 is 42.37%
55-64 is 6.8%
65+ is 6.09%.

Concerning the young population under the age of 15, they will need to invest more in schools, while for the the people age 65 and over, they will need to invest more in health sectors.


Access Date : July 2022

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