Understanding Agriculture’s Battle with Climate Change

Climate change is intensifying threats to global agricultural yields, affecting regions from the Horn of Africa to Argentina. Drought and heat waves are causing significant suffering for humans, animals, and plants, even in previously temperate zones.

No continent is immune to the effects of climate change on agriculture. Drought has historically contributed to the decline of civilizations and currently threatens the agricultural yields of major countries like Argentina, where the corn harvest was reduced by over 30% during the 2022-23 campaign. Agriculture, responsible for 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions, is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of global warming.The Horn of Africa has been experiencing a severe drought since the end of 2020, leading to the death of millions of livestock and threatening the lives of 23 million people. More than three billion people already live in environments highly vulnerable to climate change.

Climate change is leading to an increase in extreme precipitation events, causing destruction of crops, soil erosion, and loss of fertile layers. This has been observed in regions like Pakistan and Australia. The lack of water and high temperatures significantly impact cereal production and the quality of crops. Additionally, the shortage of water leads to a lack of fodder, affecting livestock and dairy yields even in temperate zones.

The loss of agricultural yield due to drought is estimated to increase by 9 to 12% for wheat and more than 18% for rice by 2071-2100 if the planet warms by 1.5 to 2°C. Solutions such as improved and sustainable management of forests, preservation of ecosystems, and the development of agroecology are being considered to mitigate the impact of climate change on agriculture.

The impact of climate change on agriculture is a global concern, with severe consequences for food security and livelihoods. It is essential to address these challenges through sustainable practices and effective adaptation strategies.


Source: https://lexpress.mu/node/529539 

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