The culture of despair

The culture of despair

Following Cyclone Belal, consumers express outrage over excessively high vegetable prices on market shelves. Shopping at the market has become challenging due to price hikes. Authorities are considering importing vegetables to stabilize the market amidst consumer concerns. Initial findings yesterday morning suggested Cyclone Eleanor caused more fear than harm for farmers, leaving them despondent.

Effects of Cyclone Eleanor on Seedlings in the East

After Cyclone Eleanor’s passage, farmers conducted field observations revealing damages to seedlings. The strong tropical storm following Cyclone Belal agitated farmers. Krit Beeharry of Planteurs des Iles stated concerns over damaged seedlings. He emphasized intact fields but noted damage to new crops in Belle-Mare region.

Anticipated Return to Normal Prices by April

Exorbitant vegetable prices cause concern, with carrots priced at Rs 80 and small peppers at Rs 600. The SPA foresees improved prices by late March or early April. This should alleviate financial strain for consumers.

Market Analysis and Response to High Prices

At the bustling Port-Louis market, Anita noted the need to budget Rs 400-500 weekly. Price variations affect items like carrots, cabbage, and small peppers. The Vacoas market also saw fluctuating prices for various vegetables. Sellers attribute high prices to increased transportation costs and post-Cyclone Belal impacts on agriculture.


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