Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) in Mauritius



The Mahindra Consulting Engineers (MACE) Ltd  plans to set up a Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) project in Mauritius. SAPZ may bring many advantages to the agriculture industry. 

The main goal of developing and executing  SAPZ is to create a space for private investors and help entrepreneurs, mostly women and the youth. This will help women entrepreneurs and youngsters to contribute more in agriculture.

Firstly it will help to ensure food security. It guarantees that the population of Mauritius have access to sufficient and nutritious food. Secondly, SAPZ may help to reduce wastage of agricultural produce. Resulting in lower production costs and increase the profitability for farmers. Thirdly it can create more job opportunities for the youth in the agriculture industry. 



The aim of the project aligns with the government’s plans. That is to turn the non-sugar sector into an innovative and competitive agro-processing industry. Mauritius will also have a greater ability to handle food crises caused by COVID-19 and climate change. Overall, the SPAZ project will be a great benefit to the agriculture industry of Mauritius.

Source : https://agriculture.govmu.org/Slider/SitePages/Agro-industry–MACE-Ltd-provides-consulting-services-to-set-up-a-SAPZ-in-Mauritius.aspx

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