Rodrigues to export its “brown gold” coffee to Europe

Rodrigues to export its "brown gold" coffee to Europe

Rodrigues, a small island in the Indian Ocean, is preparing to export its high-quality Arabica coffee, also known as “brown gold,” to Europe soon. The coffee, called Made in Rodrigues, will be one of the high-end products and  be exported to France, Italy, Belgium, and other countries in the region.

Coffee Exportation

The Chamber of Agriculture of Reunion Island is supporting Rodrigues with exportation of coffee. The Mont-Plaisir and St-Gabriel regions offer the ideal lands and climate for growing this unique coffee. The “Bourbon Pointu” variety with low caffeine content, known for its exceptional aroma.

They are currently using 5 hectares of land to grow coffee. As a result,  the first harvest of about 300 kilos  at the end of last year. The second harvest, expected in April or May, could yield up to 2 tons of coffee cherries.

This project is a notable progress for the island’s coffee industry. It creates new opportunities for its people. Above all, It introduces the world to the island’s distinctive and delicious coffee

Coffee seed
Rodrigues brown gold coffee
Believing in Coffee

Franceau Grandcourt, the deputy chief commissioner, considers the cultivation of “Bourbon Pointu” coffee in Rodrigues to be a  step forward for the island. Furthermore, The locals are joyful as this high-quality coffee is gaining attention as “brown gold” worldwide. 

In 2017, around Rs 24 million was invested in processing, drying, and roasting units to transform coffee cherries into coffee beans.

This investment will surely improve the quality and quantity of coffee produced on the island. In addition, leading to new opportunities for the local people.

In conclusion, this will be an opening to new opportunities for the people of Rodrigues

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