Rice Relief:Mauritius receives a supply of long-grain white rice from India.

Rice Relief in Mauritius: Symbolic Handover and Anticipated Deliveries

Rice relief
rice relief

Today, Mrs. K. Nandini Singla, the Indian High Commissioner in Mauritius, joined Dr. Marie Christiane Dorine Chukowry, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, on a site visit to the State Trade Corporation’s warehouse at Mer Rouge. During the visit, they symbolically handed over 1,325 metric tons of long-grain white rice. Moreover, the rice was obtained with a special exception from the Indian government to facilitate the much-needed rice relief.

In a statement, Minister Chukowry disclosed that Mauritius has already taken delivery of the specified consignment. Also, an extra 795 metric tonnes are anticipated to arrive in Mauritian waters within the next 4 to 5 days. Despite recent floods and the imperative to address the needs of the local population, she affirmed that Mauritius ranks among the top three countries slated to receive rice from India.

Mauritius Rice Distribution Update: Gratitude Amidst Rice Relief Efforts

Minister Chukowry conveyed his appreciation for India’s unwavering assistance during this difficult time. She stated that the nation’s stores have started to distribute rice since Monday. The goal is to ensure a steady and equitable distribution.

She gave the public assurance that everything is back to normal. Additionally, she stated that there is an ample supply of long-grain white rice.

She emphasized having enough rice on hand and cautioned against panic buying. Furthermore, she reaffirmed the STC’s nationwide double distribution efforts, which were previously discussed with the general manager. In order to get a firsthand assessment of the situation, she also mentioned planned site visits to stores later in the evening.

In addition, the Minister also thanked Mrs. Singla and Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, for their steadfast support.

Diplomatic Gratitude: India-Mauritius Rice Partnership

Mrs. Singla, on her part, expressed her gratitude for the strengthening ties between Mauritius and India and promised to keep supporting them. She stated that India had initially banned rice exports due to floods. Later, the Indian government lifted the prohibition at Mauritius’s request, contributing significantly to the rice relief initiative. She also mentioned the signing of a contract for 14,000 metric tons of long-grain white rice. The first shipment arrived in Mauritius in less than a month.


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