Promoting Organic Crop Production Through New Initiatives

Initiatives introduced to promote organic crop cultivations

initiatives for farmers

The Biogas Farming Promotion Scheme in Mauritius offers opportunities for promoting organic crop production, providing benefits such as income tax holidays, import duty exemptions, and loan facilities for approved farming.

training and capacity building

The Ministry of Agriculture- Industry and Food Security and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) concertedly organized the plan primarily to contribute towards enhancing public capabilities in organic material in Mauritius. The plan is being executed over two years with specialized backing from FAO. FAREI, Agricultural Services, UOM, MCIA, SFWF, the private sector, NGOs, the Small Farmer Association, and Individual growers provided 53 actors.


organic products

Seeruttun stressed the importance of a detailed operation system and unique approach for organic crop production, emphasizing the significance of training and knowledge exchange. He also pointed out the numerous advantages of organic produce such as healthiness, safety, taste, nutrition, longevity, and storage quality.


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