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The walnuts(100g) is a type of tree nut with a tough, hard shell. The inner meat resembles a tiny brain and has a rich, sweet flavor.  It is the most popular nut in the world and has been for centuries. California and China produce the large percentage of commercial walnuts. The two most common types are English walnuts and black walnuts. However they can be eaten raw or integrated into delicious food such as bread, cakes, and marinades for traditional dishes.

The meat of walnuts is rich and sweet.

Health Benefits:

Walnuts (100g) are generally very healthy, but some people must avoid them due to allergies. Several studies suggest that eating nuts may help with brain function. Walnuts are high in antioxidants and high in heart-healthy fats. Walnut polyphenols can help fight inflammation.

Walnuts have numerous health benefits, including improved heart and brain health, as well as healthy hair, skin, and nails.

How to consume:

Walnuts are usually in a variety of recipes. You can use these nuts in everything from pasta sauce to spreads and ice cream to cookies and cake such as Apple Walnut Cake, Blue Cheese Walnut Steaks, Crusty Cranberry Walnut Bread.

Walnuts can be eventually found in supermarkets, grocery stores and can be purchased both with and without of their shells.