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Trowel / Truelle



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A trowel / truelle is a gardening tool with a flat, pointed blade. People can use trowels for tasks like digging, planting and smoothing the soil. It consists of a metal blade attached to a handle. At agromoris, we offer trowels designed to make your gardening tasks easier. Moreover, we offer more tools and machinery that you may need to ease your gardening tasks. Explore our selection today and buy your tools and machinery that you need to maintain and enhance your garden. 

  • Trowels enable easy digging and planting by allowing you to dig small holes in the soil. In addition, they facilitate the process of sowing seeds and planting small plants, making it a convenient tool for gardeners. Moreover, Trowels are also useful during plant transplantations, providing efficiency and ease in the process.
  • You can use trowels for smoothing or leveling the soil surface of your containers, pots, or garden beds
  • Fill containers – Trowels may be used to add soil on top of your containers or pots. 


Maintenance : It is important to clean your trowel after every use to keep it in good condition.

Appropriate equipment is essential for successful gardening.  Likewise, agromoris offers you all the essential equipment you need to enhance and facilitate your gardening tasks. Take the opportunity to explore our selection now!