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Sickle / Faucille



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A sickle / faucille is a hand gardening tool, it consists of a handle and a curved blade attached to it. This tool is used for harvesting crops but it can also be used for cutting.  At agromoris, we offer pickaxes designed to make your gardening tasks easier. Moreover, we offer more tools and machinery that you need to ease your gardening tasks. Explore our selection today and buy your tools and machinery that you need to maintain and enhance your garden. 


  • Sickle is used to harvest crops like leafy vegetables, sugarcane, rice and so on. The curved blade allows precise cutting, you can harvest desired leaves and leave the rest of the plant to continue growing.
  • Some leftover plants need to be removed after harvesting vegetables or fruits. With the help of a sickle you can remove it easily and prepare space for new plants. 
  • A sickle is use to clear overgrown thick brushes. You can use it to remove unwanted branches. For example you might need to remove a specific branch that contains diseases to stop it from spreading and affecting the whole plant. You can easily do so with this tool.

Maintenance :

Remember to clean your sickle after each use to keep it in a good condition. 

The appropriate equipment is essential for successful gardening. At agromoris we offer you all the essential equipment you need. Discover our selection now!