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Radish / Radis per Kg



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Radishes are produced globally and come in a variety of sizes and forms. From the traditional red spherical radishes with leafy green tips to the horseradish’s gnarled brown root, from the more common watermelon radish (green on the exterior, vivid pink inside) to black Spanish radishes. Don’t overlook the widely available, huge, cream-colored, mellow-flavored daikon radishes either. They taste delicious grilled and roasted as well as raw in salads.


Radishes can all be eaten raw, however they are frequently served on crudite platters with dips or thinly sliced with salt and pepper.  Serve these  treats as the French do with a little butter and salt or add to salads.  Crispy radishes make a fantastic fermented or pickled vegetable. Radishes soften and mellow in flavor and texture when they are roasted.


1. Repair Red blood cells It manage damaged red blood cells. It also increase oxygen supply to the blood.

2. High Fiber Radish has a lot of fibre and roughage. Thus it improves digestion by regulating bile production. Liver and gall bladder is also protected.

3. Good for heart Radish contain anthocanins that is good for the heart. It reduces cardiovascular disease.

4. Control blood pressure Potassium in raddish lowers blood pressure. It also control blood flow for people having hypertension.

5. Good Immune system Radish has high amount of vitamin C that improves immune system. It also control development of harmful free radicals, inflammation and early ageing.

6. Good for skin Radish contains Vitamin c, zinc and phosphorus that is good for skin. Radish paste can be applied to cleanse face and on hair.

Side effects

  • Radish has an effect where it can stimulate urine. An excess of radish can lead to lead to water loss within the body.
  • An excess of Radish can also lead to low blood pressure and cause hypoglycemia. Thus, people who suffer from gallstones and also pregnant women are recommended to not consume any.