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Oregano (6g)is a famous herb found in many Italian dishes and Mexican cuisines, as well as in chili powder. It can grow as tall as three feet in height. We use the herb to add flavor to food and  it is consider safe to consume.

Health Benefits:

Oregano (6g) is a culinary and medicinal herb that we use in cooking and medicine for over a thousand years. According to research

  • The herb has a high medicinal value in addition to enhancing the flavor of food.
  • It is use in the treatment of kidney disease and also works to protect kidney cells from damage. One such herb that has strong anti-bacterial properties and can be used to treat bacterial diseases.
  •  We consider it to be a useful treatment for tooth decay because it has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties and fights bacterial that damage dental health.
  • It also helps to relieve runny nose and sore throat. You can also make fresh oregano water at home, which is beneficial to individuals suffering from respiratory problems.
How to use it:

Oregano is available year-round. Simply adding it to a bland dish can transform it into a tasty one. Fresh and dried oregano both have a flavor. It has a strong that enhances other herbs with strong flavors. You can chew its fresh leaves as well for health benefits.

Dishes to make:
  • add them fresh to your stir-fry vegetables
  • make some fresh pesto or chutney out of it
  • add fresh leaves to your salad
  • flavor some grilled chicken or fish with oregano leaves.
  • Moreover, dried oregano, we can use in pasta, pizza.
  • We can add them to salads to enhance the overall taste.
  • Additionally, we can often add dried oregano to soup along with other soup seasoning.

Oregano 6g