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Oranges (Box of 64)



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Description :

Box of 64 Oranges

Oranges (box of 64) is a great deal which Agromoris offers at Rs 780. Orange, also called Citrus sinensis, is an evergreen tree in the Rutaceae family which we cultivate for its tasty fruit. The orange tree has a round crown and elliptical or oval leaves that are alternately distributed on the branches. White flowers appear individually or in clusters on a raceme on the tree. The fruit is a spherical berry with an indented green-yellow to orange surface, segmented pulpy flesh, and numerous seeds. Orange trees may reach heights of 6-15 m (16-49 ft) and survive for more than 100 years. Most plantations have a 30-year economic lifetime.


Oranges may be eaten fresh and are typically crushed or squeezed to make orange juice.

  • It shields your cells from damage.
  • Aids in the production of collagen, a protein that promotes wound healing and smoother skin.
  • moreover it increases iron absorption simpler in order to combat anemia.
  • furthermore, it improves your immune system, which is your body’s protection against pathogens.
recipes from Oranges:

There are various recipes which we can make from oranges. Nowadays people invent many recipes and some examples are:

  • Orange baked Cakes
  • Orange salad with more veggies/ fruits
  • Moreover,  people can even use oranges when cooking chicken