Module 2 Proficiency Level 1



The module proficiency level 1 will guide you to have more knowledge in computers and related technologies.

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Module 2 Proficiency level 1

This computer course  consists of module 2 which has a proficiency level 1. The duration of this module is 2 months (that is 8 sessions, 1 session per week). The total price for this module is Rs. 2400.

You will receive a certificate after completing this module.


You will have the opportunity to learn how to do professional report writing. Moreover, you will learn how to send formal emails that will be useful for studies and office work.


In the 1st and 2nd sessions you will learn about how to write a proper report with headings, how to add page numbers, header and footer. Moreover, you will learn about how to add a page section and generate a table of content.

You will perform typing speed level 2 with the topic “Communication Skills” in session 3.

In session 4, you will learn communication skills where you will know about how to use different types of communication in daily life.

You will learn how to print, scan, use of Pen-drive to transfer file from to a computer in session 5.

In sessions 6 and 7, you will learn how to create an email, send and receive email. You will also know how to set up a profile in your email account. Moreover, you will know how to add attachments, forward and reply email and how to add an email signature.

Finally,  you will learn on Internet, search information on the internet and how to include information in a report writing.

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